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Solidor Collection

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The Solidor collection is an outstanding range of traditional and modern designs with a solid timber core, encapsulated within a highly durable plastic door skin. Therefore, making this highly effective in the sense of security and in maintenance.

The Rolls Royce of Doors ~ View our Solidor Gallery Collection

Available in a range of colours and styles (14 colours in total) both inside and out.

Door Locking

As standard all doors come with a multi-point locking system. The locking mechanism can be updated with a selection of upgrades such as:-

  • Yale key free;
  • Fully remote control locking; and
  • Intercom systems

Environmental Credentials

Often companies are tempted to boast their environmental credentials without little evidence, yet Solidor’s own ‘Green Promise’ is already apparent with the production of bowls, candleholders, briquettes and pallets from recycled off-cuts.

Solidor’s unique solid timber core is more of a unique proposition; these door slabs are solid and sourced from fully sustainable sources, while the door skins, edgebanding, glazing cassettes and Kömmerling door frames are lead-free.

The Solidor product is fully manufactured in the UK.

As a Solidor Agent why not come in and view our display.

Solidor Secured by Design for your own peace of mind.



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Click Here to check out Solidor’s interactive brochure.

Click Here to see a more in depth solidor brochure.

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