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PVCU Gates, Fencing & Decking

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Want to reduce the maintenance cost around your garden!
Then here are some products to help you.

PVCU Gates, Fencing & Decking

Here at Thetford Home Improvement Services we are pleased to offer this extensive range of high quality maintenance free Gates and Fencing to suit all tastes and properties.

The key benefits:

  • Made of a hard wearing PVCU there is no more painting or varnishing just an occasional wipe down.
  • With an array of styles from single gates to double, solid gates to hit and miss styles.  Arch top to flat top.  The choice is yours and with colours to suit your property too.  As standard White, Black & Light Oak with any RAL colour available upon request.
  • Made to measure
  • Aluminium reinforcement
  • Complete with hinges, handle, latch or secure key lock and posts if required.

Low Maintenance Decking

Compo Wood is 50% wood flour and 50% resin then brushed and polished to give a wood texture finish.

It is an ideal substitute for traditional wooden decking with the added advantage of being low maintenance.

The key benefits of PVCU Gates, Fencing & Decking:

  • It doesn’t rot, split or splinter
  • Anti-slip
  • No painting, staining or oiling
  • Installs like wood
  • 100% recyclable


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