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Canopies & Carports

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The THIS Canopies & Carports is an exciting new system.  a modern design with clean sight lines providing ease of installation.  Its high structural performance ensures this system is the best choice for any application – Domestic, DIY & Commercial.

Benefits of the Thetford Home Improvement Services Canopies:

  • Maintenance free powder coated Aluminium in white as standard.  Any RAL colour available at an extra cost.
  • 16mm Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheeting available in Clear, Bronze or Opal.
  • Eaves beam integral box gutter utilising the support posts as down pipes with the rain water exiting through the variable height posts.
  • Can accommodate pitches from 5o to 20o degrees.
  • Gable roof design with the wall plates design.

These Canopies can be used in an array of applications:
Carport, covered seating areas, porches, patio canopies, caravan covers, cycle shelters, walk way.


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